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Our corporate headquarters are located in the following city (province) and state:

Our annual revenue is:

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We are currently using the following software:
Our concurrent user count is currently:

Our last software upgrade or replacement was:
Years Ago

We plan to make our final software selection within the next:   
Our budget for a new ERP software solution is:
Please rank the importance of following functional areas based on your organization's operations:
Sales Forecasting    
Sales Force Automation    
Sales Order Processing    
Inventory/Location Management    
Lot Number/Serial Number Control    
Warehouse Management    
Transportation Management    
     Make to Stock           
     Make to Order          
     Batch Process          
     Configure to Order  
     Engineer to Order    
Quality Management    
Field Service Management    
Maintenance Management    
Accounts Receivable    
Accounts Payable    
General Ledger    
Project Management    
Fixed Assets    
Human Resource Management    
Self Service Applications   
Our preferred platform is:
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Our preferred database is:
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Our preferred client technology is:
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Please list the Vendors you would prefer to see:

Please choose from the following Vendors presenting at the Orlando 2018 Spring VSO:
  • JD Edwards
  • Infor
  • Epicor
  • SAP
  • Rootstock

Based on your responses above, we will generate a recommendation list of the participating ERP vendors that best match your organization's needs.

You will then be able to determine your top 4 product demonstrations that you would like to see at the event. 


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