Vendor Shootout™ for ERP Event Overview

It's the perfect line up!

FOCUS by bringing your selection team together to see the functionality you know you need and perhaps some you didn't!
CONSOLIDATE your efforts by seeing the industry-leading software products under one roof.
LEARN what an ERP software solution can mean for your organization.
SHORTLIST using the information you gather during the event. Information that can take weeks to schedule, gather and decipher.
NETWORK with like-minded businesses working through the same issues as you. Share tips and success stories.

As the nation's leading Enterprise Software evaluation, comparison and selection event, the Vendor Shootout™ for ERP has served as the foundation that has helped hundreds of manufacturing and distribution organizations to jump start their Enterprise Software selection projects.  The goal and focus of these events is to provide an impartial platform for comparison of top Tier I and Tier II ERP solutions, bring objectivity and transparency to the Enterprise Software selection process, reduce the cost, risk, and duration of Enterprise Software selection projects, and foster networking among fellow manufacturers and distributors going through the same process.  Whether you are evaluating On-Premise ERP solutions or Cloud Software / Saas (Software as a Service) solutions...this event is a must attend for any organization that is considering a software upgrade or software replacement. 

What Should You Expect?

A comprehensive, content-rich agenda that includes both scripted ERP product demos from top vendors, as well as general session presentations that will provide essential insight to the software selection process. 

Live Scripted Demos

Through live scripted product demonstrations from the top Enterprise Software vendors, organizations can accomplish during this event, what would normally take months of planning, logistics and organizing.  By attending this unique event, ERP selection teams will be able to create a short list of potential solutions from an elite selection of top Enterprise Software solutions in the market and gain critical insight to the selection process.

The scripted ERP product demonstrations will cover product functionality, user interfaces, and overall usability.  Each vendor will follow the same script guidelines to present similar functionality covering the basic requirements of distribution and manufacturing companies.  Vendors are under strict instructions to explicitly indicate any customizations, modifications, or 3rd party products used in order to complete the presentation.  The same presentations will be made during each of the scripted product demonstrations during the event so you can easily compare between packages and select your short list for further evaluation.

General Session Presentations

Event Moderator, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), will deliver general session presentations during the event.  TEC specializes in impartial and quantifiable software selection.  As a leader in the marketplace, TEC offers a proven software selection methodology and state-of-the-art Web-based decision support technology designed specifically for software selection.  Through TEC’s expert perspective, selection teams can get equipped with the knowledge essential to manage their own selection project, or receive personalized guidance to get them through vital project milestones.

How the Registration Process Works

During the online registration process, organizations will provide general information about their business, including areas of importance to the overall business operations from both a functional and technical perspective.  Based on these responses, registered attendees will receive a recommendation list of ERP products being presented at the event that would be a potential fit for their organization.  Organizations will also be provided with product overviews to assist in preparing for the event. 

Click here to view ERP Vendor Demonstration Script

Each product vendor will also host an 'open session' where attendees can schedule time to cover additional topics and key functionality specific to their business.

Enterprise Software products presenting at the upcoming Vendor Shootout™ include:

  • Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)
  • Oracle JD Edward EnterpriseOne
  • NetSuite
  • Microsoft
  • SAP BusinessOne

Previous Vendor Shootout™ Participants include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • abas-ERP
  • Cincom Control
  • Infor ERP Visual
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • IFS Applications
  • International Business Systems (IBS)
  • IQMS Manufacturing ERP
  • Plex Manufacturing Cloud
  • Sage ERP X3
  • SAP Business ByDesign

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Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is on your selection team.  Geared toward organizations in the manufacturing and/or distribution, this event is ideal for those currently budgeting for an upgrade or replacement of their current Enterprise Software solution.

This is a rare opportunity to get your team together for a day and a half focused on the top Enterprise Software Vendors in the world. What normally takes weeks of organization, logistics and planning can be all done at the Vendor Shootout™ for ERP.

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What are the Benefits?
  • Bring objectivity and transparency to the selection process
  • Reduce the cost, risk, and duration of your selection project
  • Choose the solution that best satisfies your specific business requirements
  • Offer rational financial justifications, and provide a clear audit trail
  • See a side-by-side comparison of similar industry functionality
  • Compare user interfaces and usability
  • Get critical insight into the selection process
  • Network with others going through the same process
  • See live product demonstrations from the top ERP vendors
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